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Phone: 410-823-1335
Toll Free: 800-382-6716
Fax: 410-823-1427

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Wicklein’s Water Gardens is a wholesale grower of aquatic and native upland and wetland restoration plants. We currently have over 35,000 sq. ft. of greenhouses and 6 natural ponds that we grow and harvest our plants from. We can supply nurseries and landscapers with wholesale orders across the United States. Call or email for details or to place your orders. If you just need to order smaller amounts of please visit our online shopping section for retail orders.

Please click the links below for current wholesale price lists and availability:

2018 Aquatic Plant Price List - PDF Format

2018 Liner and Plug Price List - PDF Format

2018 Native Wetland Plants List Plug and Quart Prices - PDF Format

wickleins wholesale aquatic plant nursery
Aerial View of Our Greenhouses


PRICES: All prices are effective 1 January 2015. These prices cancel all previous prices and are subject to change without notice. These prices are for WHOLESALE TRADE ONLY. Wholesale trade is defined as any horticultural-related business. We require a business card, letterhead or business check and state tax number or license as proof. All prices are FOB Baltimore unless otherwise indicated.

PAYMENT TERMS: All purchases must be pre-paid or COD unless credit terms have been approved.

CREDIT TERMS: Credit applications can be obtained by calling the business office (410) 823-1335 or by Email.  Credit applications must be completely filled out before they can be processed. Credit accounts are approved as net 30. Interest charges of 1-1/2% per month (effective 18% annually) are applied to all past due accounts. Unpaid interest holds account open as past due and can affect credit availability. Accounts overdue in excess of 60 days are placed on COD status for current and past due amounts.


We ship via United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express, common carrier, or deliver in our own trucks. Truck delivery is arranged on an individual basis. (NOTE: UPS deliveries can not be made to a Post Office Box. All UPS deliveries must have a street address). All shipping is accomplished at the expense of the buyer. All plant material becomes the property of the buyer once shipped. If your order is delayed, damaged, or lost please notify the shipping company and Wicklein’s Water Gardens at once. FOR COMMON CARRIER DELIVERIES ALL DAMAGE MUST BE NOTED ON THE BILL OF LADING OR CLAIMS WILL NOT BE HONORED BY THE CARRIER. OPEN ALL BOXES TO ASCERTAIN ANY CONCEALED DAMAGE BEFORE THE DRIVER DEPARTS. We will assist in any way possible with your claim. All pickup orders not picked up within 10 days will be charged a 20% late fee, unless other arrangements have been made.


All orders are processed in the order received. We do our best to meet requested dates. Growing conditions, weather, and transportation prohibit guaranteeing shipping and arrival dates. Plant availability may be subject to crop failures, shortages, and other matters beyond our control. Substitutions will not be made without your approval. If substitutions are allowed, please indicate. All substituted plant material will be of equal or greater value.


CALL: (800) 382-6716 or (410) 823-1335
(410) 823-1427


Wicklein’s Water Gardens is committed to a successful relationship with all our customers. On very rare occasions plant material shipped via UPS or common carrier is damaged. It is essential that the following procedures be followed to insure proper credit is given, replacement plants are shipped in a timely manner, and claims for damage are successfully processed.

  1. Open all boxes and inspect plants immediately. Check that the proper number of boxes are received and plants are not damaged. This should be accomplished while the carrier is still there so the Freight Bill can be annotated in the event of plant damage. The carrier should be notified by you immediately.
  2. If plant damage is discovered after the carrier has departed, the carrier must be notified immediately so that inspections, if required, can be performed. Claims for damage will not be honored by the carrier if this procedure is not followed. Do Not Throw Away Any Boxes. Please take pictures if possible.
  3. Contact us immediately so we can help solve your immediate problem of getting product to sell. This allows us to get involved in the claims process with the carrier.
It is not our policy to dispute your claim. It is our intention to insure you have a successful water gardening program. 

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